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Kingston Model School boasts of an unprecedented number of laboratories. While we do have conventional ones like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer labs, we also have a mathematics labs, a robotics lab and an art and crafts lab.

We acknowledge that however well-trained our faculty is and however well-designed be our curriculum, the best way for a student to learn and retain information is through hands-on experimentation. That is why our Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics labs and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus to provide every possible tool and mode to generate and quench the academic interest of students.

Offbeat laboratories like robotics and art & crafts lab acquire tremendous significance in the present day world, where students have a host of professional choices available to them and they no longer need to stick to traditional career options of yore. As such, we feel it is important to expose them to alternate choices early to gauge their interests, and groom them accordingly.

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